The Taverna Remember Guestbook

Record no. 9
by : Marilyn Parker & Terry Henry
from : St Helens England
at : Saturday 26th May 2012 / 14:27:43 hrs (GMT)
We met some lovely people here and it is well worth the visit. We spent most nights at the bar here. Sadly we didn't get to try the food as the restaurant was not yet open but it looks fabulous. Thankyou to the owner (sorry we didn't get his name) and to Yanna and Michalis for making our holiday extra special. Marilyn & Terry
Record no. 8
by : Maxine Maguire
from :
at : Sunday 11th September 2011 / 22:00:51 hrs (GMT)
The best holiday I have every had hugely due to Rembember, lovely food, lovely staff, lovely atmosphere, lovely cocktails, lovely shorts etc. etc. etc.
Record no. 7
by : Alex
from : Germany
at : Friday 26th November 2010 / 15:55:02 hrs (GMT)
Hi Ilias, we still "Remember"! Especially the long crazy nights at the bar with Madi, Stefan, Mike and U. Keep it up! Definitely the best Pizza on Crete and excellent Mojitos!
Record no. 6
by : george
from : u.k.
at : Friday 24th September 2010 / 20:34:21 hrs (GMT)
Great food
Record no. 5
by : Nils Lambrichts
from : Belgium / Mechelen
at : Monday 9th August 2010 / 21:30:50 hrs (GMT)
Really, the site doesn't ly.. Once you go there, you never go back :) 3 grtz, Nils
Record no. 4
by : Natalie
from : Sutton Surrey England
at : Thursday 25th June 2009 / 16:54:26 hrs (GMT)
What an amazing place the guys make you feel really welcome and the food is out this world. Many a night was spent with the staff and Mickey the barman toasting various people and there was always one shot for the road even though the road every night became later and later thanks to all the staff for making our holiday one we will never forget.
Record no. 3
by : Sven
from : D
at : Tuesday 9th June 2009 / 09:42:11 hrs (GMT)
Wirklich ein Ort den man immer "remembert"..und JA es ist die "Best Pizza on the Planet... die Pizza ist einfach Traumhaft, das Ambiente Stilvoll und gemütlich, die Kellner aufmerksam und die gelegentliche Live-Musik das passende I-Tüpfelchen. Wir werden auch dieses Jahr, in unserem 3 Kretaurlaub wieder beim Remember vorbei schauen. Noch 3 Wochen :-)
Record no. 2
by : Wallace Media
from :
at : Sunday 7th June 2009 / 15:51:36 hrs (GMT)
Hallo, nette Seite. Ich wollte nur mal einen Gruß bei Euch loswerden. Besucht uns doch auch. Wir sind der Druckdienstleister im Internet, wenn es um Flyer, Broschüren,Katalogen oder Visitenkarten geht. Euer Team von Wallace Media.
Sehr nett. Aber für kostenlose Werbung ist dieses Gästebuch nicht gedacht.
Record no. 1
by : Brad Cole
from : Ashburn, Virgina
at : Wednesday 22nd April 2009 / 02:04:18 hrs (GMT)
I'm ready to visit and try your pizza with a nice American girl named Kathleen.... You know her?